This election is about choosing a new 25 member council.  If you want to change the way things are run in Toronto, you don't re-elect the same incumbent councillor!  This seems simple enough; however, voters know a "NAME" and tend to vote for that familiar name.  I ask you to consider my candidacy.  It is time for a change!



   WARD 11

I put forth my name to become your councillor. In the past few years I have seen a dysfunctional council in action and I am concerned! We can do better for Ward 11 

I was born in this ward, and continue to live and work (Master electrician) here. I have been involved in many issues that affect our ward. Among these are transit inadequacies, bike safety, electrical safety, planning issues, and environmental concerns. I have experience working within the community and city hall to get things done.

I am here to listen and help with your concerns. Together we can make a difference.